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4 Simple Questions To Ask Yourself During Quarantine

4 Simple Questions To Ask Yourself During Quarantine

Mindset, Productivity, Relationships
Aisha Sharma Aisha Sharma
Mindset, Productivity, Relationships

I sit quietly on my terrace, trying to find the right words to put to paper. Many thoughts come to my mind, strange thoughts, just like the times we are currently in. This pandemic means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but we could all agree to these times being “strange.” Anyhow, I try to gather my thoughts and find meaning in all that is happening around us.

The world is currently engulfed by one universal pandemic, the COVID-19. The coronavirus symptoms might be the same for everyone, but it affects each one of us differently.

  • For some, this pandemic is the much needed “me” time they could never get.
  • For some, it is pursuing their long-forgotten hobbies.
  • For some, this pandemic means lost jobs.
  • For some, it is a time of immense financial crisis.
  • For some it is rekindled love with their special one.
  • For some, it is the realization that they need to go their separate ways.
  • For some families, especially in a country like India (where I live), it’s a constant war against hunger and starvation.
  • For some of us, it’s discovering the hidden quarantine chef in us.
  • For some, it’s finding the long lost love of baking.
  • For some of us, it’s the uncertainty of the health of our parents or grandparents.
  • For some, it’s a comforting hug at the end of the day.
  • For some, it’s missing someone who’s far away.

The bottom line is that this pandemic can have a different meaning for each one of us, and we are all in it together.

The universe is trying to tell us something, but are we really listening?

The most significant loss will be if we come out of this unchanged.

I try to quieten my thoughts and listen to my heart, whisper. The whisper that’s trying to tell me how lucky I am to be safe, healthy, and alive in these uncertain times. I have been given the luxury of time to pen my thoughts on paper. How very lucky indeed. There is a strange stillness around me; it’s like time has stopped and is asking us to live life in its truest form. One of the very complaints we have with life is – “I don’t have the time to do what I want.” Most of us bury our most authentic desires, in the excuse or genuineness of lack of time. So, well, if you are amidst those who have the privilege of staying safe in the comfort of your home, I would like to ask you four questions:


  1. What are your dreams that you want to pursue?
  2. What skills can you learn during the lockdown?
  3. What are your hobbies that you want to bring to life?
  4. What are the relationships that you want to nurture?


Whatever it is that you have always wanted to do, now is the time.

When this is all over, I truly hope our lessons are here to stay, whatever our lessons might be. If nothing else, hopefully, we are in the least kinder to one another and ourselves.

Aisha Sharma

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A fitness and skincare enthusiast, Bollywood actor, boutique writer & dog lover. I hope my writing brings a smile to your face and makes you reflect and ponder.