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The 4 Things You Must Address To Have A Fulfilling Job

Podcast | Episode 9

The 4 Things You Must Address To Have A Fulfilling Job

Career, Entrepreneurship, Productivity, Relationships
Gaurav Chawla Gaurav Chawla
Career, Entrepreneurship, Productivity, Relationships
"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

We spend more than one third of our lives at our jobs. If we spend 8 hours at a job, it better give us fulfilment, growth, financial security and more! If not, this can bleed over into our personal lives. 

When it feels like a struggle to go into work and other activities are more appealing, something’s gotta give. How long does it take before the “I love my job” shine is replaced by a “9 to 5 grind”?  

Some questions we ask: 

  1. Are you doing what you have been asked to do and are actually good at? (3:00) 
  2. If you are a Marketing Coordinator, are you armed with a vision and action plan defined by leadership to become a VP of Marketing one day? (4:00)  
  3. Maybe you like the company but not your boss? (7:00)
  4. Do you enjoy your co-workers? (8:00)

In this episode, we help you decide whether you should stay where you are, or find another opportunity and break down the following aspects:

  • The Job: Whether you are meant for the corporate world or an entrepreneurial venture, fulfillment is everything. It is very important to be selective with a job as it determines your career path in the long-term.  
  • The People: It is critical who you are working for and with. Your manager sets you up for success and makes or breaks your career trajectory. He/she can also determine your mood, mental/physical health, and personal relationships. Do you like and learn from your co-workers and peers? When do competitive elements creep in? Professional and personal boundaries can be blurry.
  • The Salary: Nobody thinks that they are getting paid more than they deserve. If you want to make more money, invest in yourself and you will experience a correlation in compensation.   
  • The Commute: When your commute is long and draining, keep in mind that time is not on sale. When you have exhausted all your audiobooks and are sapped of energy when you get home, it is time to take stock. Why waste hours on planes, trains or automobiles that you could use towards other productive and enjoyable activities?  

Every day you’re hustling, ask yourself ‘Do you love what you do or do what you love?’

Stop suffering, be proactive and make things happen!

Gaurav Chawla

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"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." Staying Uncomfortable is the result of my mind trying to make sense of life, people, and the world around me. The fickle nature of life has made me realize the importance of being in the present moment, and that life is all about enjoying these little moments. As I embark upon this journey of spirituality and a growth mindset, I invite you along with us, to share your perspectives, and to challenge ours. Lots of love, and gratitude for being here with us.