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What Are Sacrifices and Why Do We Make Them?

What Are Sacrifices and Why Do We Make Them?

Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, Relationships
Kaivan Dave Kaivan Dave
Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, Relationships

It’s taken me thirty-two years to understand and truly realize the sacrifices that my parents have made.

My father, has given up his entire life for my brother and I.

My dad, was a very strong politician in India for decades before he made the ultimate sacrifice for his family.

He let go of everything in order to secure a strong future for my brother and me in America.

My dad has been a politician for as long as I can remember.

His grandfather and his brothers were also in politics, but my dad was the hardest worker in my family. He was the smartest man in the room nine out of ten times.

As a small child, I watched my father run a company with over fifty people.

He was diligent, strong, and independent.

Kaivan Dave Family

[Guess which one is me ]

At one point, he made a decision, at my mom’s request, to move to the United States.

My mom lived with me and my brother in Chicago, and my dad lived in India and would travel between the two countries. As a result, my father lost everything.

In India, my father was a well-respected man with integrity and power. In the United States, my dad has no power.

He has never been able to learn to speak English, and this barrier of communication has prevented him from advancing his career in the US.

Instead, he has relied heavily on my brother and I, to help him.

I recognize that my father had everything he wanted in life living in India. He had a great career, he had respect, and he was able to pull off things in India that very few people could do.

Once, I was traveling in India and missed a flight. My father made one phone call and had the plane delayed so that I could meet them on the runway.

However, in the US, my father can barely go to the grocery store, because he doesn’t understand English.

I will never know what that feels like.

And I can’t imagine how hard that must be for him.

His sacrifices for my family, are what inspire me every day.

I work harder because I realize what my father gave up for me to be here, and I want more than anything to make him proud!

To be able to understand the sacrifices he’s made, I must work ten times harder than anyone else, because I want to provide for him and the rest of my family.

I see my parents at least once a month, and I can see it in their eyes each time we meet how unhappy they are living in the US.

My brother and I know that we are only here because of them, and the sacrifices that they made.

My goal is to be able to provide for my mother and father so that I can bring back their smile.

I remember growing up, that my mom would sing to me while I brushed my teeth, to encourage me to have a good day at school, and to do well!

I hope that my family’s story can inspire you to appreciate how much our families have sacrificed, and that you have the power to put a smile on your loved one’s faces!

Kaivan Dave

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Hi, I’m Kaivan - Entrepreneur, growth marketer, and extremely passionate about building brands. To get to the top, you have to fall several times, and learn how to pick yourself back up. The most successful people in the world know that breaking out of your comfort zone and staying there is the secret to achieving your dreams. Remember to stay uncomfortable and never to stop dreaming.

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