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30 Personal Development Goals That Will Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

30 Personal Development Goals That Will Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Health & Wellness, Mindset
Gaurav Chawla Gaurav Chawla
Health & Wellness, Mindset

Many people make personal development goals. We get inspired to change our lives for the better. Whether it be because of a painful event, or because it comes naturally with age. Regardless, change is hard, because you’re now in unchartered territory, outside your comfort zone. Acknowledging that it’s needed, and going after it is the most wonderful thing that you can do as a human being. Growth and evolution are beautiful. Just ask the butterfly that was once a caterpillar. The key is to not get overwhelmed, and not to be too hard on yourself. 


The British cycling team had once been on a multi-decade slump. They hadn’t won any medals in almost a hundred years. This was a catalyst enough for them to make some changes. They brought in a performance coach. The result? He had improved this cycling team, starved for medals, to win in no time. How did he do it? By applying marginal gains. He improved all aspects of cycling by just 1%. Then once it was mastered, 1% more. He changed everything from their sleeping habits, to what they wear, to how they think.


Your personal development goals will happen the same way. They don’t need to all happen at once, and they certainly won’t happen overnight. It will be like taking a staircase, not an elevator.


Sometimes you need a hand in coming up with ideas for your own personal development goals. Therefore, we have listed 30 personal development goals that will turn your dreams into reality. Feel free to add or edit as needed. 

  1. Lower Stress

Easier said than done, definitely. However, make sure to schedule regular breaks in your workday to relax and unwind. It could possibly be something as easy and as simple as having a cup of tea or going for a short walk. If you are stuck at a desk, put on your headphones and listen to your favorite tunes or podcast. It’s okay to take a mental break. Lowering stress also means lowering the possibilities of chronic diseases. 


  1. Say “No” More Often

Think about how many times you’ve committed to things you didn’t want to go to. How many times has that drained your energy? What if you had used that time for yourself? Learn that it is totally okay to say no to people if you need to. It is not a personal failing to prioritize yourself once in a while. Some would call it selfish, but it’s actually self-preservation and self-love. 


  1. Sleep More

There is more and more science proving the benefits of sleep, and how harmful it is to not rest properly. Take the time for a proper shut-eye and you’ll notice your energy levels increase, amongst many other benefits. 


  1. Focus

There is a considerable amount of noise in the world. Your texts, your social media feed, the actual media these days. You’re constantly bombarded with information. Figure out where your focus needs to go, and what you need to take action on. There are many things in life that don’t need your input, energy, or action. So figure out where your time is most valuable.


  1. Volunteer

Ever tried helping someone and then feeling so good about it? We are designed to help others. Helping others can greatly lift your spirits and heart and make you feel good about yourself. Learn 15 ways to be kind today.


  1. Write In A Journal

You can write about anything you want. It’s an excellent way to explore your inner thoughts and feelings and write professional goals and personal goals. You might be surprised at what you discover about yourself. You may also realize how much you can write, and how enjoyable this process can be. 


  1. Complete A Project

You need to master patience and perseverance. Change is definitely not an easy thing to do. It takes a strong determination when things get tough not to throw in the towel. You will know you are strong when you don’t give up. Also, finishing a project will give you a sense of accomplishment as you have never felt before. You’ll gain confidence like you never have before. Learn more about how to gain self-confidence


  1. Accept Your Imperfections

No one is perfect, and you can spend your whole life trying, and you will not succeed. This relates to personal things, not aspects of your life that can easily be changed. You may think other people are perfect, but putting people on a pedestal, without putting yourself there is a dangerous outlook. Everyone has their flaws. You may also not even realize it, but there may be people that may think you’re perfect. 


  1. Practice Gratitude Every Day

Practicing gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can do for your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll start realizing and focusing on the things you do have, rather than the things you don’t. Believe it or not, you’ll even start attracting the things you’ve always wanted in your life. It seems that the universe has a way to reward those who are in constant appreciation. It doesn’t just want to give something to someone who wouldn’t appreciate what they had. 


  1. Commit To Learning Something New

Life is an education, whether you choose it to be or not. We may not realize it, but we learn things almost every day. Commit to meaningful and actionable learning regularly. This compound learning will have a profound impact on your life. 


  1. Let Go Of Control 

You can work on things that bother and concern you, but you need to realize some things are completely out of your control and you cannot change them. If any situation is bothering you, figure out what variables you can control, and which ones you can’t. Don’t even bother about those that you can’t. For those that you can control, do your best. This way you’ll have no regrets. 


  1. Nurture Optimism

It is better to think the glass is half-full rather than half empty. Being hopeful and optimistic is linked to better health. Hope and faith are two pillars that allow us to continue living life. Think about it. Somewhere deep down it’s because you have hope and faith that life will get better if you keep working at it.


  1. Balance

We are often overloaded to the point of automatically saying “I’m busy.” Learn to balance your priorities in life. Whether it be friends, family, career, fun, and your health. Finding a healthy balance leads to a happier life.


  1. Remove Bad Habits

Building good habits can be tough, and making room for them means removing bad habits. Habits do play a very considerable role in our lives. Breaking those that are harmful can change your life in a positive direction. Figure out your bad habits, and slowly eliminate them. Doing less of something can be much easier than trying to do more of something new. 


  1. Define Success

Society will tell you what success means. You don’t have to play by their definition. This is your life, your rules. Don’t break the law, for your own sake, but define your own rules. Especially when it comes to success. Define who you are as an individual, and what you consider to be a success for yourself.


  1. Accept “Failure”

You win, or you learn. The word “failure” is a negative word disguised as growth. It pushes us to do better and want to achieve more. Don’t shy away from it. In fact, keep trying different approaches and things in your life, and learn from them. They will teach you more about yourself than you could have ever imagined. 


  1. Take Measurable Risks

If you go beyond your own comfort zone, you will need to face your fears. If you face your fears, a whole new world of opportunities opens up to you. Don’t be afraid to ask out the person you like. Do not be afraid to apply for that job you really want. Do not be afraid to invest when the stock market is tanking (this not financial advice). However, not risking anything in life is not living life at all. Don’t you want to say “wow, no regrets, I tried everything I wanted to.”


  1. Find Your Passion

Finding out what your passions are will give you a new enthusiasm for life. Pursue your passions and let it give you more excitement for life. If you don’t know what your passions are, monitor your emotions during your day to day actions. What actions excite you the most? That’s where your passion lies. Keep digging. 


  1. Let Go Of The Past

If you carry your past on your back, it will only drag you down and hold you back in life. Let go of your past, and you will be free to live a happy life. The past is done. It’s now your memory. Let the bad ones fade, and keep the best ones you can always have a smile-worthy moment in your back pocket. 


  1. Set And Enforce Personal Boundaries

You should not be used and abused by anyone. You need to set limits for others to respect. This includes family and friends and those in the workplace, including bosses. A funny thing happens when you set boundaries for yourself. Those that abuse them will be surprised and even offended. Those are the type of people that don’t belong in your life. 


  1. Improve Your Communication Skills

Much of our everyday lives are affected by how we communicate with others. All of your life, you are basically influencing others. If you can express your thoughts and feelings more effectively, you can form bonds with people and interact with them better.


  1. Be More Productive

You would be surprised by all the things that eat up and waste time. That’s time you will never get back again. Learn what wastes time and how you can go back to change those things. Time is the only currency that the wealthiest person in the world cannot purchase. If you have a lot of it, please use it wisely. Create the life you want. 


  1. Be Deaf To People’s Opinions

People will always say things that bother us or insult us. You need to learn not to take things so personally and not worry about what people think about you. People have opinions. They always will. Learning to ignore them and carry on with self-belief is hard to do, but it is something you must learn as you go through this beautiful messy journey of life. 


  1. Don’t Put Yourself Down

You talk to yourself inside your head way more than anyone else. Make sure that it’s a great, positive environment in there. You can encourage yourself with positive talk and daily affirmations for a better life. Do not talk to yourself negatively. 


  1. Upgrade Your Emotional Intelligence

How we understand what others are going through and feeling their pain and joy can help us to relate and understand people. A lot of this depends on your emotional intelligence. To improve it, notice people walking on the street and going about their days. If you can perceive what kind of day they’ve had, and what they may be thinking, you have a great sense of understanding others. It’s been said that 80% of communication is what’s not being said, so work on this aspect of your life. 


  1. Take Life Less Seriously 

Even though life does have some serious moments, there are less of those than there are of light-hearted moments. Remember to smile every day. If you can’t, find reasons. Why waste turning an average day into a good one?


  1. Have Self Care Days

We should be looking out for ourselves. Some people are so completely busy looking out for others that they forget to look out for themselves. This is the equivalent of putting your oxygen mask before others. If you are a giver, you need to give to yourself first. Be healthy and happy enough to give to others. 


  1. Live Life To The Fullest

You should get as much out of life as you possibly can. Make sure you are doing it on your terms. Do all of the many things you have always really wanted to do but did not for whatever reason. Write down the top 30 goals you want to accomplish in your life. Writing them down makes it real. 


  1. Eliminate Drama

It may curb your boredom to have drama in your life, but it only keeps you focused on your ego and pride. Having a stress free life is more conducive to happiness then transient high-stress drama. The more joy and happiness you have can help your mental health and physical body. Remove toxic friends from your life. 


  1. Be a better friend

All the people that you share your life with will have a significant impact on your life, and you will have a considerable effect on theirs. Being a friend can lead to a more joyful and better life for you and for others. Be the best one you can be to set the standard. If others don’t hit that standard, they don’t belong in your life.

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