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Founder of Staying Uncomfortable

The How

Kaivan and Gaurav met in Chicago in 2011 at Chicago Global Runway, a fashion show hosted by Kaivan. Gaurav was part of a fashion startup looking to recruit fashion designers therefore showed up to the fashion show. The rest as they say is history.

KD Staying Uncomfortable

The What

Kaivan had a break up for the ages, multiple failures in businesses and friendships, and Gaurav's dad passed away suddenly in front of him. Both Kaivan and Gaurav hit rock bottom one after another, and were there to pick each other up.

GC Staying Uncomfortable

The Why

After these immense experiences, they both started their individual journeys into self awareness, and would pepper each other with questions as to why society is a certain way, and why do people believe what they do.

Life of Staying Uncomfortable

The When

In 2017, while Kaivan was going through a rough time with his startup Glyder, he wondered if other entrepreneurs also go through the emotional ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. He called Gaurav to run the idea past him, and come up with basic questions he could ask these entrepreneurs.

staying uncomfortable

The Mission

After realizing that there may be so many other people out there that are lost just like they were, Kaivan and Gaurav decided to go heads down into ensuring that Staying Uncomfortable became a community to help people realize their true potential, find their path, and turn their dreams into reality.


January 7, 2019

Do People Really Change?

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