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How To Structure Your Life

Podcast | Episode 1

How To Structure Your Life

Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Productivity
Medha Pratap Medha Pratap
Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Productivity
"You can have multiple ways to get to where you need to be."

And just like that, 2018 is over! 9 out of 10 who plan to make resolutions are either “somewhat” or “very” confident that they will be able to stick to their resolutions in 2019. 

How many of us say that they want to get more sleep, save money, lose weight or eat healthier? The unhappy reality, though, is that most of the resolutions won’t last. Only 4 percent of last year’s resolvers saying they stuck to all their vows and half of us fail our resolutions before January 31. 

Some questions we ask:

  1. When there is so much clutter in our minds, how do you find structure and inspiration in achieving your goals? (1:00)
  2. As a society, why is it considered a weakness to ask for help? (4:00) 
  3. if you can put so much drive towards the wrong goals, how much passion would you have for the right goals? (15:00)
  4. In terms of finding balance, do you schedule leisure time? (23:00)
  5. Who are some people that impacted you in 2018? (35:00)

In this episode, we reflect upon blessing and lessons from 2018 and discuss:

  • Why living your life with structure, intent, discipline, and an open mind is empowering
  • How health and fitness must be an integral part of your lifestyle both mentally and physically
  • Why coaching and mentorship in areas you want to excel in eliminates plateau and guarantees progress. 
  • How writing down and visualizing your goals can be uncomfortable at first but ultimately gives your life renewed meaning and purpose. 
  • How proactively detaching yourself from toxic people and distractions ultimately attract high-caliber people aligned with your vision. 

New year, new me? Let 2019 be your year!

Medha Pratap

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Medha is the head content writer for Staying Uncomfortable. She has leveraged her creative energy to enhance organizational brand visibility through fresh marketing communications strategies at numerous software companies. Medha has pursued her Masters of Science in Marketing and Strategy at the University of Warwick and holds a Bachelor degree in Business Management with a major in Marketing and a minor in Communications from the Ohio State University. When she isn’t busy pursuing her marketing dreams, you can find her exploring new countries or enjoying a movie or two at the theater. Favorite Quote: "A setback is a setup for a comeback."

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