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How LeBron James Helps me Stay Motivated

Credit: GQ

How LeBron James Helps me Stay Motivated

Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Relationships
Kaivan Dave Kaivan Dave
Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Relationships
Just A Kid From Akron, with big dreams, nothing is given, everything is earned.

All hail King James! This guy has really inspired me. Even though I live in Chicago, and I may be partial to Michael Jordan, I can’t get enough of seeing Lebron in action. He’s just so good. He pushes himself to be the best, and works harder than anyone else [in my books]. On days that I don’t want to get out of bed, Lebron’s dunk compilations are on endless repeat on my laptop. I admire his dedication to the game, his family and charity work to help others. How he is giving back to the community and helping kids. He just doesn’t play basketball but he is also a businessman.

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Hi, I’m Kaivan - Entrepreneur, growth marketer, and extremely passionate about building brands. To get to the top, you have to fall several times, and learn how to pick yourself back up. The most successful people in the world know that breaking out of your comfort zone and staying there is the secret to achieving your dreams. Remember to stay uncomfortable and never to stop dreaming.

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