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How To Date – The New Dating Formula of 2019

How To Date – The New Dating Formula of 2019

Mindset, Relationships
Gaurav Chawla Gaurav Chawla
Mindset, Relationships

While discussing how dating works in 2019, Kaivan and I discussed a formula that’s worked really well.

It allows for the right amount of time to be spent with a person you decide to casually date, and turn into a relationship if you both choose to.

So, let’s dive right into it.

We call it, the x2 formula. In simple terms, you double the amount of time you spend with the person on each date, until either:

a) You can no longer be around that person

b) You figure out that you absolutely love spending time with them, and can’t get enough of them

Quick example:

Date 1:

Duration: 1 hour

Place: Coffee or Ice Cream + a walk

Date 2:

Duration: 2 hours (Date 1 x2)

Place: Bar or Lounge

Date 3:

Duration: 4 hours (Date 2 x2)

Place: Activity – A ball game, perhaps.

Date 4:

Duration: 8 hours (Date 3 x2)

Now many of you are going – there is no way a date could go 8 hours.

Listen up! By date 3, if you don’t like the person, you are to no longer go on date 4. This process of elimination can happen way sooner too. People seem to keep dating multiple people and asking “Why can’t I find the right one?”

A lot of it comes down to you not being able to eliminate the fools that take up your time.

Date 4 could include your friends if you are comfortable, a picnic, bbq, a movie and dinner/dessert – something you would potentially do when you are a couple.

If you are ready for this step – congratulations, you’ve cracked the code, and are now ready to be in a relationship with that person.

What do y’all think? What works for you? Would you try this? Comment below! Would love your thoughts.

Gaurav Chawla

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