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Use These Three E’s To Build A Better Life

Podcast | Episode 38

Use These Three E’s To Build A Better Life

Health & Wellness, Mindset, Productivity
Kaivan Dave Kaivan Dave
Health & Wellness, Mindset, Productivity

Unhappiness is an inevitable part of life, but are you putting yourself in the right places in life to minimize your unhappiness? Join us this week as we discuss the ‘Three E’s’ formula, a new plan that you can easily implement in your everyday life to make yourself the happiest person you can be.

Some questions we ask

    • Why are you not happy? (0:15)
    • The ‘Three E’ formula. (1:15)
    • The first E: Element. (1:40)
    • The second E: Environment. (2:25)
    • The third E: Energy. (3:15)
    • Make sure you have the proper intentions. (4:00)

Putting yourself in the right situations that will allow you to succeed in life is extremely important in securing your own happiness. Go into everything you do know that the environment you are putting yourself in will be healthy for you, and always try to have a positive mindset in order to be the best person you can be for yourself and for those around you.

Kaivan Dave

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Hi, I’m Kaivan - Entrepreneur, growth marketer, and extremely passionate about building brands. To get to the top, you have to fall several times, and learn how to pick yourself back up. The most successful people in the world know that breaking out of your comfort zone and staying there is the secret to achieving your dreams. Remember to stay uncomfortable and never to stop dreaming.