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Here’s How And Why You Need To Stop Taking Things So Personally

Podcast | Episode 35

Here’s How And Why You Need To Stop Taking Things So Personally

Career, Mindset, Relationships
Gaurav Chawla Gaurav Chawla
Career, Mindset, Relationships

You can never know what factors lead others to make the decisions they make. Someone may have a different value set than you, different beliefs than you, or they may simply be having a bad day. In this week’s episode, we discuss how not to take criticism and how others see you personally. Criticism from others is not always on you, it could be on your actions. How do we make that distinction and how do we continue to move forward and develop? Find out in this week’s podcast!

Be confident in yourself and know that others’ criticism of you does not define who you are as a person.

    • Taking things personally in a relationship. (1:45)
    • One person’s opinion in a relationship does not define who you are. (3:30)
    • Criticize someone’s actions, not the person themselves. (4:15)
    • Criticism can come from a positive place because people have high expectations of you. (6:00)
    • Try to see things from the other person’s perspective and let others know when you are criticizing their actions. (7:00)
    • Never stop being open to feedback. (8:00)
    • Being let go from your job. (9:00)
    • Putting blame on yourself and/or others. (10:00)
    • Try to look at events from different perspectives. (11:00)

Criticism from those close to you does not come from a negative place. Many times those closest to you are criticizing your actions, not who you are as a person. Learn to look deeper within yourself and ask if you think you are truly working hard enough or doing the right things. Be confident in yourself and be open to yourself about who you are.

Care about other people's opinions, and you will be their prisoner.
Gaurav Chawla

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