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Here’s How You Can Fail Your Way To Success

Podcast | Episode 32

Here’s How You Can Fail Your Way To Success

Entrepreneurship, Mindset
Gaurav Chawla Gaurav Chawla
Entrepreneurship, Mindset
Learn through your experiences to become comfortable with failure. Even failure is progress, be optimistic about it and keep moving forward!

Failure is an inevitable part of life. Therefore, so is dealing with failure. In this week’s episode, we will learn about how to use your experiences with failing to progress, how to set micro-goals, how to keep going after falling down and more. Learning to deal with failure and making the best of it is an extremely important part of developing yourself and succeeding in life. Make sure you do not fail to listen to this week’s podcast!

Some questions we ask/topics we share

      • Our encounters with failure and comfortability around it. (2:00)
      • Failure is based upon decisions and your confidence around those decisions. (4:30)
      • How do you take small steps towards goals in order to not fail? (8:00)
      • Set micro-goals and macro-goals along the way, small progression is important! (10:00)
      • How to keep going after falling down. (13:00)
      • Hitting the failure point. (14:00)
      • Growing up and teaching children about failure (15:30)
      • How do you go about finding your passion? (18:30)

Setting micro-goals within your macro-goal is an important part of seeing that no matter what happens, you are experiencing some sort of progress. When looking at whether or not a main goal failed or succeeded, it is easy to get caught up in the final result. Look at all the small successes along the way, and even if you do fail make sure to learn from it. Failure is not necessarily a bad thing. Figure out how to use your failures to motivate you to keep pushing through every endeavor in life.


Gaurav Chawla

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"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." Staying Uncomfortable is the result of my mind trying to make sense of life, people, and the world around me. The fickle nature of life has made me realize the importance of being in the present moment, and that life is all about enjoying these little moments. As I embark upon this journey of spirituality and a growth mindset, I invite you along with us, to share your perspectives, and to challenge ours. Lots of love, and gratitude for being here with us.