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Leaving The Corporate World To Become a Musician with Soulful Songstress Cami Galles

Interview | Cami Galles

Credit: Fulton Grace

Leaving The Corporate World To Become a Musician with Soulful Songstress Cami Galles

Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Relationships
Kaivan Dave Kaivan Dave
Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Relationships
“Everything in life is a business case.”

Before leaving her cushy corporate job, Cami Galles had to plan how she could pursue singing in a succinct thoughtful way where the barriers to entry were lower.  

Whether it was performing in house concerts, pursuing charity gigs or singing the national anthem, Cami put herself out there. 

Some questions we ask:

  1. How did you transition from working at AOL and Google to becoming a musician? (2:00) 
  2. What was the tipping point in transitioning career paths? (8:00) 
  3. How do you create a record label? (22:00) 
  4. How many songs are needed to create an album? (24:00)
  5. When is your new album releasing? (27:00) 

In this episode, Cami shares her journey from the corporate world to a full-time musician. Despite being at the top of her game in the corporate world, Cami was deeply unhappy and wanted to turn her lifelong dream into reality with no regrets. 

Her top tips:

  • Squad up: Find your tribe aka. ‘squadding up’ – Facebook Groups, personal coaches, or social clubs. 
  • Don’t live like a starving artist: Understand your spending habits and budgeting methods to make more money doing what you love.

Her mantra: “Life is not a race – it is a marathon. Strap on your shoes and start today.”


Cami’s journey as a singer/songwriter began at the tender age of four. At the age of eight she began training in both classical and contemporary stylings and toured Europe as a first soprano.

She found early inspiration from music legends such as Prince, Aretha Franklin and Susan Tedeschi all of which have helped shaped Cami’s identity as an artist. The influences are reminiscent in Cami’s first single “Elevator.”

Cami’s alluring voice is matched only by her charismatic personality. The Kansas-raised singer-songwriter spent nearly a decade in NYC cultivating grit and a unique sound before calling Chicago home. Cami’s mesmerizing delivery imbues her music with a bold empowerment, and her singular “Future Blues” style melds Blues, Pop, and Jazz with uptempo dance beats. 

Today with over 20K social media followers, Cami has performed at Soho House, The Drake Hotel, Rosa’s Lounge, & many other iconic venues in Chicago. Cami captivates her audience the moment she steps on stage with her charisma, confidence, smile and tantalizing voice.

Learn More About Cami on Her Website Here!

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