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How To Easily Stay Calm During the Coronavirus Panic

How To Easily Stay Calm During the Coronavirus Panic

Health & Wellness, Mindset
Aisha Sharma Aisha Sharma
Health & Wellness, Mindset

I had written a piece in February, way before the world was consumed with the coronavirus. When my sister read the piece I had written, she felt there was more that I needed to say and I should revisit the article. Well, I did intend to, but writing took a backseat and moving forward to today, it’s a whole different world now. The world is consumed by the Coronavirus, a pandemic that is probably the only thing on everyone’s mind. 

So, I will go back to the article I started to write in February because I feel it is more significant today than ever.

That significant thing is called “Gratitude“. 

If the only prayer you say in your life is “thank you”, that would be enough. - Meister Eckhart.

I think these words hold true more now than ever. The start of the decade has consumed everyone by this pandemic question around the coronavirus. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus that causes respiratory illness (like the flu).  Coronavirus symptoms include cough, fever, and in more severe cases pneumonia. It’s very important for the citizens of the world to understand how you can protect yourself from coronavirus.

Here are 4 simple ways to protect yourself from coronavirus:

    1. Avoid crowded places
    2. Wash your hands constantly
    3. Avoid touching your face
    4. Most importantly stay at home as much as you can

This has forced us to quarantine ourselves and practice social distancing.

I believe this pandemic encourages us to rethink our life and life choices. How we live and what we value. It has brought us to the realization that we cannot assume to live in our protected bubble where things happening to other people will not affect us. It is teaching us to rise above and beyond our own selfish needs. It forces us to care about our personal safety and of everyone else. It should propel us to think for others whilst thinking of ourselves and take the necessary action. “It will be okay” doesn’t cut it anymore. In a nutshell, we are all connected and this pandemic forces us all to come together to fight against one common enemy, a silent enemy and elusive one which has caused nothing but utter panic.

In today’s time, we would absolutely give anything to put an end to coronavirus. But it raises a bigger question – how do we act during this unprecedented time? Are you panicking and scared about the future? Worried that you might have the virus? Scared and uncertain we all are, but panic is unnecessary, it is counterproductive. And just like the virus, panic is contagious. All we need to do is support each other, be there for people who need you, extend a helping hand, have a sense of compassion, empathy for others not just now but henceforth.

Focus on what you are grateful for today. At this very moment, I am truly grateful that I have the opportunity to stay home and self-quarantine. People I love and care about are safe. I have resources to prepare for the unknown. There are so many people who do not have this privilege. There are many unsung heroes out there in the world like doctors, nurses, daily laborers, grocery workers, firefighters, etc who don’t have the privilege to stay home. There are so many of us who do not have the resources to seek medical help or financial capability to support sick family members.

I am grateful for being safe and healthy and write this article from the comfort of my home. 

When it’s all over, I truly hope that we stay compassionate, kind and grateful to ourselves and others. Let’s stay kind, grateful and aware cause just like the COVID-19 these have a ripple effect too. And if you are overwhelmed with all the information around you, gratitude is a great place to start. So what are you grateful for right now?

Stay safe and this too shall pass.

Aisha Sharma

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A fitness and skincare enthusiast, Bollywood actor, boutique writer & dog lover. I hope my writing brings a smile to your face and makes you reflect and ponder.