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Depression, Fame, Success, and Winning with Chicago Comedian T-Murph

Video | 32 Minutes

Credit: TruTV.com

Depression, Fame, Success, and Winning with Chicago Comedian T-Murph

Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Relationships
Kaivan Dave Kaivan Dave
Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Relationships
"People aren’t afraid to try. People are afraid to fail."

Chicago is known as the comedy capital of the world. The city has produced some of the best comedy talent that we’ve ever seen; Bernie Mac, Hannibal Buress, Lil Rel Howery, Deon Cole, DeRay Davis and so many more.  Comedian, actor and writer T. Murph is now carrying Chicago on his shoulders as the latest breakout star to come out of the city. 

Some questions we ask:

  1. How do you define success? (2:00)
  2. Why did you transition from being a barber to a comedian? (3:00)  
  3. Have you ever experienced failure? (7:00)
  4. How do you balance your personal and professional life? (11:00)
  5. What keeps you going when you feel like you faced rejection or feel burnt out? (13:00)
  6. How do you stay disciplined and maintain a solid work ethic? (15:00)
  7. Do you study your past acts for self-improvement? (16:00) 
  8. Have you ever encountered anxiety or depression? (18:00)
  9. Do you ever reflect and feel gratitude for how far you have come? (26:00) 

In this episode, we learn about T. Murph’s focus on his true calling and foray into his career in stand-up comedy. T Murph recounts his uncomfortable transition from doing what he loved to doing what he fell in love with. 

His key to success consists of hard work, consistency, and a strong support system. He leaves us asking ourselves whether we are complacent or comfortable in order to reach our full potential.


Murph is a stand-up comedian who resides in Chicago. Originally from Kankakee, T. Murph relocated to Carbondale, where he was a barber before transitioning into a full-time comic.  His recent TV credits include Key & Peele, BET’s Comic View, Sway in the Morning and NBC’s Chicago Fire. He has performed at the NBC Diversity Finals Showcase, HBO’s American Black Film Festival, New York Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs, and the Second City Breakout Festival. Murph has also been seen on Saturday Night Live, the Laugh Out Loud Networks LOL @ JFL and Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level on Comedy Central. In addition to The Next Level, he can be seen in this season of Epix’s crime dramedy Get Shorty as well as TruTV’s standup/storytelling showcase, Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks. 

Catch one of his upcoming shows!

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Hi, I’m Kaivan - Entrepreneur, growth marketer, and extremely passionate about building brands. To get to the top, you have to fall several times, and learn how to pick yourself back up. The most successful people in the world know that breaking out of your comfort zone and staying there is the secret to achieving your dreams. Remember to stay uncomfortable and never to stop dreaming.

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