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5 Books That Will Forever Transform You

5 Books That Will Forever Transform You

Health & Wellness, Mindset
Aisha Sharma Aisha Sharma
Health & Wellness, Mindset

We are currently facing uncertain times that have no precedence. I believe this is a way for the universe to tell us to slow down and take care of ourselves and each other. 

While we are staying home, reading is one of the best ways to engage our minds in a  productive way. The thing about books is you find them at a time you need them. I believe they come to you. 

Books have the ability to have this profound impact on you. I have had phases in my life where a book has completely changed my thinking, my approach or even my value and belief system. It has the ability to transform you as a person. 

I thought to share 5 of my favorite books to help you begin your reading journey. These are easy reads which will make you think deeply and take you on a journey of self-discovery.

1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
This is a simple read for people who are trying or beginning to get into a daily reading habit. This book describes the journey of a  young shepherd boy named Santiago who is able to find a treasure beyond his wildest dreams. Along the way, he learns to listen to his heart and, more importantly, to follow his dreams. The constant message of this book is to pursue your dreams by following what your heart desires.

The Alchemist

2. How to be compassionate – Dalai Lama
This book proves my belief that books find you, that. Somebody had forgotten this book on a beach in Goa. I found it and picked it up to read. This was a time in my life when I felt lost and reading this book had a profound impact. And life has never been the same again. From that very day, I try to practice compassion and empathy as much as I can. And it is work in progress. Dalai Lama in this book talks about how compassion can bring a constant state of happiness in our lives and how this happiness can then extend to our friends, family, loved ones and neighbors. He says as we become compassionate human beings, we will no longer be slaves of destructive emotions like anger, jealousy, and fear.

Dalai Lama

3. Simple Abundance – Sarah Ban Breathnach
The book is broken by date and month. It gives you a life-changing message every day. This book can be credited with introducing the concepts of the “Gratitude Journal” and the term “Authentic Self.” The book talks about the simple pleasures of life, how to make every moment count and make your daily life beautiful.
The author says “many women, including myself, swallow life in an attempt to keep it manageable…Whenever we’re anxious, worried, nervous, depressed, without thinking, we instinctively swallow food and drink in order to push away the uncomfortable negative experience we’re feeling in our guts. We hunger and thirst, but it’s not for a bowl of ice cream or a glass of wine. It is for inner peace and deeper connection”.

Simple Abundance

4. What I know for sure – Oprah Winfrey
In this book, Oprah talks about the lessons she has learned from her life. This is a peek into the heart and mind of one of the most extraordinary and inspirational women of our generation. There are a lot of takeaways from this book. A couple of themes in the book that resonated with me the most:

1. You define your own life. Don't let other people write your script.

2. What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for.

3. You become what you believe.
Oprah Winfrey

5. The Wisdom of Sundays – Oprah Winfrey
The chapters of the book represent Oprah’s own spiritual journey. This book features selections from the conversations between Oprah and some of today’s most-admired thought-leaders.

I’d like to end this article with profound words from Dr. Maya Angelou:

“Nobody but nobody makes it out here alone. What really matters now is love. I mean, the condition in the human spirit that is so profound it allows us to rise. Strength, love, courage, love, kindness, love, is really what matters. There has always been evil and there will always be evil. But there has always been good, and there is good now.”

Aisha Sharma

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A fitness and skincare enthusiast, Bollywood actor, boutique writer & dog lover. I hope my writing brings a smile to your face and makes you reflect and ponder.