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What Everyone Ought to Know About Life and Exercise

Podcast | Episode 7

What Everyone Ought to Know About Life and Exercise

Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, Mindset
Gaurav Chawla Gaurav Chawla
Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, Mindset
"You don’t get the ass you want by just sitting on it."

Have you noticed the similarities between life and working out?

Achieving badass body goals can fundamentally change you as a person and instill principles around success. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Results don’t happen overnight and there is no way around hard work. 

Some questions we ask:

  • When it comes to goal setting, what do you want to accomplish and how do you create an action plan accordingly? (2:00) 
  • If were easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? (7:00)
  • If you stepped out of your comfort zone and changed things up a little bit, how would that affect your life? (9:00)
  • How do you own your journey with constant comparisons courtesy of social media? (12:00)  

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Measurable goals, discipline, and consistency
  • Balance over burn-out
  • Patience and perseverance 
  • Recovery and rejuvenation

You are where you are because of the decisions you have made. 

If you can create the body of your dreams, you have the formula to create the life of your dreams as well. 

"In life, just like working out, if you don't have a goal, you aren't getting anywhere."
Gaurav Chawla

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"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." Staying Uncomfortable is the result of my mind trying to make sense of life, people, and the world around me. The fickle nature of life has made me realize the importance of being in the present moment, and that life is all about enjoying these little moments. As I embark upon this journey of spirituality and a growth mindset, I invite you along with us, to share your perspectives, and to challenge ours. Lots of love, and gratitude for being here with us.